Using the Switchboard

For job roles where advanced call management is a daily task, the 3CX Switchboard is a powerful and user-friendly tool that offers a concise yet comprehensive view on call and queue activity.

There are various Switchboard views to choose from depending on your job role, which allows for quick and efficient call answering and transfers, monitoring, queue statistics and more. Choose from:

  • “All” – extension and queue calls
  • “Queue Calls” – Queue call activity
  • “Wallboard” – Call queue analytics
  • “Per Queue” – calls and agents for each queue
  • “Reminders” – View and manage all set “Reminders”

To perform an action on a call simply right click on it to open the actions menu. You can even customize your view by clicking the pop-out icon to display them in a separate browser window, or configure view options in “Settings > Switchboard”. To set custom messages and configure the Wallboard, head over to “Settings > Switchboard”.