Get PBX Extensions

This API endpoint will allow you to pull a list of extensions from your PBX along with any associated information.

Base URL #


Example JSON to Get Extensions List #
    "authId": "YOUR_API_ID",
    "authKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "module": "pbx",
    "pbxId": "1234"

POST Parameters #

ParameterRequiredDescriptionExpected Value
authIdyesYour portal authentication IDstring(24)
authKeyyesYour portal authentication keystring(24)
moduleyesThe api module you are accessingpbx
pbxIdyesThe ID of your PBX in the portal.numeric

Example JSON Response #

    "message":"2 total extensions found",
             "address1":"329 S. OYSTER BAY RD",
             "address2":"STE 329",
             "state": "NEW YORK",
          "lastUpdate":"2020-03-01 12:19:01"
          "lastUpdate":"2020-03-01 12:19:01"

JSON Response Parameters #

messagestringGeneral response message.
countintTotal number of extensions returned.
statusbooleanThe status if the request was successful.
nodestringThe ID of the cloud node this was executed on.
executionTimefloatThe time in seconds it took to execute the API request.
resultarrayContains an array of the returned extensions
result[number]intThe PBX extension number.
result[status]booleanReturns true if the extension is registered and false if it is not.
result[firstName]stringExtension first name
result[lastName]stringExtension last name
result[email]stringExtension email address
result[callerId]stringExtension’s set outbound caller ID
result[e911]arrayReturns an array of E911 parameters, this will return a blank array if none set.
result[e911][subscriber]stringThe E911 subscriber name
result[e911][address1]stringThe E911 registered address line 1.
result[e911][address2]stringThe E911 registered address line 2.
result[e911][city]stringThe E911 registered city.
result[e911][state]stringThe E911 registered state.
result[e911][zip]stringThe E911 registered ZIP code.
result[e911][psapName]stringThe E911 associated PSAP name.
result[lastUpdate]DATETIMEThe last time the record was automatically updated.