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Need to be connected to the outside world wherever you are – on the road, in the office, or at home? What you need is a company like PointVoIP that can offer you VoIP solutions. PointVoIP is a Long Island VoIP solutions provider that began operation in 2014.

Amazing Features

No extra hidden fees!

Check on Your Staff

With PointVoIP Long Island, you can see the status of your colleagues to save time. You’ll know if they’re in the office for the day, away, at lunch, or in a do not disturb mode. It’s handy for remote workers, so you aren’t continually stuck in a never-ending game of mail or phone tag. And when you’re busy, you can let your co-workers know that you shouldn’t be disturbed.


Outstanding Customer Service

This is a time-saving feature that is highly convenient when you’re trying to work as efficiently as possible. Incoming faxes are switched into PDF and are forwarded to the recipients through email. You don’t have to use fax server software to make that happen.
You’ll be able to:

  • Get your voicemails as emails.
  • Read and delete your voicemails through the app.
  • Get faxes delivered to your email.



It’ll Let You Do a Convenient Video Conference

When you need to communicate through a video conference, PointVoIP makes it easy.
Join a online meeting with downloading apps or software.
You can be in the meeting with one click.
The video conferencing offers classroom style meetings.


Customer Relationship Management Integration

You’ll get real-time reporting features so you can track all the interaction with customers. PointVoIP works with almost all CRM systems, like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.


Upfront Pricing

Since PointVoIP is transparent about their fees, you’ll never have any surprises when you’re billed.
You can make sure your Long Island business, no matter how small, has that essential professional polish it needs to attract clients by making sure your phone system is flawless.
PointVoIP has several plans for their Long Island customers to choose from, like one tailored for small businesses, another for a growing business, and one well suited for established, larger businesses. You’ll never have any surprises when you’re billed.

See What They Can Do for You

To find out what PointVoIP can do for your Long Island business, call the company any time at 844-778-5060 or request a quote online.

You’ll be amazed how much more effective you can be as a business owner when you’re accessible any time or anywhere. And think how much time you’ll have when you’re no longer in charge of having to ensure your phone system is running well.

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